This recipe is delicious. To do it justice you will need to buy some walnut vinegar and some cold pressed walnut oil. I stole the recipe from page 225 of l”Alimentation Crue (400 recettes) inspired by the Seignalet diet published in 2009 and written by a French doctor and French chef.who obviously knew that walnuts go fantastically well with raw veal. I have added my own, or rather Niki Segnit’s touch by adding celery which goes really well with walnuts and it gives the tartare some body and crunch. Here is what Nikki says: “…Celery and walnuts share distinctive aroma compounds called pthalides…..the flavour overlap ensures that they combine beautifully….” (The Flavour Thesaurus, p.235)
Chicken and celery is another classic combination.

One slight drawback: I try to follow food combining principles. One of them is not to mix 2 different kinds of concentrated protein at the same meal. So this recipe fails on that account because we are mixing nuts with meat. I think we can break a rule now and again and at least there is no concentrated carbohydrate in the recipe so it’s a “protein meal”. I personally had no problems digesting this.

A new recipe EVERY DAY

“Great Britain and North America, 2 nations divided by a common language”. Winston Churchill

UK beetroot. US beets
UK celeriac. US celery root
UK courgette. US zuchini
UK aubergine US eggplant

A new recipe EVERY DAY

To make this recipe you will first need to make a supply of coco nut cheese. You can see how to make it with this video.

Making a supply of coco nut cheese is a bit of a faff. but the coco nut hummus. with figs you can make with it is fantastically nutritious and delicious. It makes an ideal breakfast.


In food combining terms this is a “carbohydrate meal”. Your other main meal of the day should be a “protein meal” with nuts or egg or meat or fish etc.

In food combining terms, this is a “carbohydrate meal”. Your other meal of the day should be a protein meal containing nuts, egg, meat, or fish etc.

All the recipes are Seignalet diet legal.

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