Why has ivermectin been oversold?

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Why has ivermectin been oversold?

In this article I will show you that ivermectin has been oversold. We are being sold a pup again by the “frontline doctors”.  They are desperate, from among the tattered shreds of  the medical profession’s credibility, to persuade us that they had a miracle drug in their black bag all along to prevent/cure this mythical infection.

First of all,  does covid-19 really exist?  Some highly informed and intelligent people say that it’s really just seasonal flu rebranded.

What is for  sure is that the hysteria around it has been whipped up by the WHO, the CDC and government actors worldwide, all controlled by shadowy billionaires through their foundations and NGO’s and that there was never any real health threat.

The real health threat is from  the pandemic of vitamin d deficiency, carefully engineered by the same banking/pharma  cartel.  The WHO and our master’s controlled media brainwash us into believing that sun exposure will inevitably lead to skin cancer. With no distinction being made between fairly benign and treatable cancers like basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma which is only deadly if not caught in the early stages.

Even with melanoma, it’s debatable whether it’s actually caused by sun exposure.  Most melanomas are on the face and neck and this is touted  as evidence of a link between sun exposure and melanoma but a much more likely primary cause is routine dental x – rays.

In fact there are plenty of studies which show that your prognosis for melanoma survival is much worse if you are vitamin d deficient.  So am I going out on a limb to suggest that sun avoidance  is more likely to result in melanoma?  You decide.

I need to insert a parenthesis here.  For practically every chronic disease there is at least one, and usually several, studies which show that vitamin d deficiency is involved.  There is also a study or studies for each disease which shows that intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”) is involved.  All the studies can be seen on my  website.  Interestingly, studies in rats show that vitamin d deficiency is involved in intestinal permeability.

Why are doctors so keen to persuade us that they had a miracle drug which would have saved us and that they were betrayed by the corrupt public health institutions?  As Neil Oliver says, the contract between our rulers and ourselves has been broken. We need to hold the criminals to account and rebuild our institutions from scratch.  The problem is that plausible deniability has been built into every part of the con.  Who was duped and who was complicit?  Not difficult to guess but difficult to establish in a court of law.

So ivermectin has become exhibit a) in the medical profession’s case that we do not need to abolish pharma medicine and replace it with something better.  It’s a life raft for the medical profession as a whole,  including the jabbers and the sedators and  intubators who are holding  on for dear life to the coat tails of the “rebels” without having the courage to give them any explicit support.  Whether consciously and intentionally or not,  the rebels are controlled opposition.

With 2 studies I will now show you that the life raft leaks.

The first study comes from my own detailed reports  on each Indian state with  infection rates, mortality among infected, mean serum vitamin d level,  therapeutics used for prevention and treatment, whether ayurvedic or western medicine etc. etc.

To make my case I will look at 3  adjoining states: Uttar Pradesh (population 238 million) , Rajasthan (population 81 million) and Bihar (population 125 million).  Uttar Pradesh (UP) is the poster state for ivermectin.  It’s the only place in India and indeed the world where it was officially (and enthusiastically) used as a prophylactic to prevent covid infection.  Kiosks were set up in all the transport hubs to distribute it free of charge. All 3 states have roughly the same latitude in the north of India. The mean serum level of vitam d is around 15 ng/ml in UP and Rajasthan.  Severely deficient.  This is because unlike mad dogs and Englishmen they avoid the midday sun and because the monsoon is hardly conducive to sunbathing.

Bihar on the other hand has a mean serum vitamin d level of 30 ng/ml. (Sufficient).   I attribute this to the fact that Bihar is very fertile, is overwhelmingly agricultural and has a relatively pleasant climate all year round  with no real winters to speak of  and with UVB rays hitting the state all year round.  So people are likely to be outside working on the land and exposed to vitamin d generating UVB.

All 3 states had very low infection rates compared to the rest of India. I have given you clues about why Bihar and UP had low infection rates.  Widespread ivermectin distribution in severely vitamin d deficient UP and a sufficient serum vitamin d level in Bihar.  What about severely vitamin d deficient Rajashan?  In Rajasthan a super Kadha with 60 different ingredients was handed out on every street corner by local NGO’s. Kadha is the traditional Indian remedy for colds and flu, a tea, usually made from between 5 and 12 ingredients.

So lets look at the results up until March 2021.  (When the disastrous vaccination roll out starting in severely vitamin d deficient Maharashtra and Delhi caused a more virulent strain.)

Infection rate in Uttar Pradesh:  2nd lowest in India

Infection rate in Bihar:  lowest in India

Infection rate in Rajasthan:  4th lowest in India

Now let’s look at the death rate among infected.

Uttar Pradesh:  12th highest in India

Bihar:  10th lowest in India

Rajasthan: 13th lowest in India

So we can say that for infection rates at least,  ivermectin saved the day in UP,  vitamin d saved the day in Bihar and Ayurveda saved the day in Rajasthan.  But vitamin d and the super Ayurvedic remedy seem to have also translated into a low death rate among infected whereas ivermectin has not. There are 28 states and 8 union territories in India. So we can see that UP is fairly high in the rankings for deaths among the infected with 1 in 69.

Only  1 in 113 deaths among infected in Rajasthan and 1 in 164 deaths among infected in Bihar. (Compare to 1 in 34 in the UK!)  Of course there may be other factors.  In Bihar for example, for severe cases,  doctors were foregoing ventilation and going straight for an ECMO to oxygenate the blood directly.  (In standard ICU medicine an ECMO is used when all else has failed and you are in a coma.)

So yes,  ivermectin worked to keep infection rates low.  But adequate vitamin d in the case of Bihar was more effective and a super kadha in Rajasthan was nearly as effective.  Ivermectin has not translated into less mortality among infected. Quite the opposite.

Now let’s look at a second study.  This came to light when I was researching vitamin c for my article, “Vitamin c the Lazarus vitamin” as part of my survive the jab protocol.

The study by Quek and 13 collaborators, published in February 2022 comes from the Singapore National University Department of Medicine.  Here is the choice nugget,  the take home message I found in the study.   Read it carefully and let it sink in.

“….Among seropositive men without neutralising antibodies at study entry, conversion to neutralising antibody positivity was highest in the zinc + vitamin C group (46.7%) by day 42, compared with vitamin C (19.6%), hydroxychloroquine (30.8%), ivermectin (20%) and povidone‐iodine (9.8%) ……..Overall, seropositive men who were initially negative for neutralising antibodies were approximately four times more likely to develop neutralising antibody positivity by day 42 in the zinc + vitamin C group compared with other interventions…” (Chris’s emphasis)

Zinc and vitamin C intake increases spike and neutralising antibody production following SARS‐CoV‐2 infection. Quek et al 2022

The ivermectin dose was 12 mg per day and the vitamin c and  vitamin c plus zinc groups were given 500 mg per day,  which is a pretty small dose of vitamin c. (I take 12 grams a dav in tiny doses throughout the day).

I’m guessing that giving quercetin to the vitamin c plus zinc group would have made that intervention even more effective.

This study really demolishes the case for drug interventions in viral infections.  Only through relentless propaganda through their controlled media and public health institutions have our masters who control pharma medicine managed to prevent the population from discovering that adequate vitamin d and c will generally prevent any kind of viral infection and that high dose vitamin c intravenous will quickly reverse acute viral infections.

In the 1880’s,  French doctor Anselm Blanc put everything into remission with cabbage leaf wraps, including 3 separate cases of gangrene.  All 3 cured within days.  I video’d an application of cabbage leaf wrap for a case of partial paralysis and pain in the arm caused by the jab.  60% remission overnight and 100% remission after 3 more applications.

The solutions are straightforward but will not be easy to implement.  We need a commission of biologists to examine every single protocol used by corrupt pharma medicine using the literally thousands of medical studies in the literature in order to publish new, non drug protocols.   Foundations must be abolished with all the taxes avoided by the foundation scam dating back to 1914 to be recovered.

If billionaires wish to make charitable donations, fine.  But they must not be allowed to swap ownership for control and use their own, tax free foundations as their private investment banks.

References: How Indian states defeated coronavirus in 2020 with Ayurveda and other measures: maps and reports

Uttar Pradesh report (PDF)

Rajasthan report (PDF)

Bihar report (PDF)

Survive the jab “light”.  2 weeks to regain your energy

Whether you decide to follow my survive the jab protocol, the world council for health protocol or the
Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FCCL) “post vaccine car protocol”, if you have a severe injury from the jab, you will have low energy. (I will discuss why I think you should  choose the survive the jab protocol in a subsequent post.)

All of these protocols require a lot of organisation and life style changes and with your energy and morale at a low ebb you may not feel energised or motivated enough to start on a protocol.  Remember: VIBRANT HEALTH IS THE BEST REVENGE.

There is also the fact that if a protocol is effective you will experience detox effects like nausea or headaches or a worsening of symptoms.  The more effective the protocol the stronger will be the detox effects.  I feel that only my own, all natural, non-pharma protocol  has an effective strategy (juice containing  black radish) to avoid any detox effects.

My own protocol includes the Seignalet (pronounce it “Saynyalay”) diet which the French professor of medicine used to reverse most. (91)  chronic diseases, and although on this pretty restrictive  diet,  some cooking at low temperature is allowed,  I recommend the 100% raw version of the diet which I follow myself.  So even without all the supplements, making juice,  etc. in the protocol this is a big change in your lifestyle.

So I have devised an easy to follow “salad is your friend” introductory phase to my survive the jab protocol based on the 100 year old food combining diet which will, I believe,  make you feel a lot better and give you the energy and motivation to dive in and do the full protocol when you are ready and it requires minimal organisation or effort.  Here it is:

2 week preparatory induction to the survive the jab protocol

All the drugs in the world cannot replace correct nutrition for proper healing. With your energy at a low ebb you may not feel like taking the time to eat healthy, nutritious meals and you may end up eating takeaways or other rubbish food. Here is the solution, based on the 100 year old therapeutic diet: “Food Combining”.  The meals  are very cheap to make, take minutes to prepare and you will feel greatly improved energy.


The FLCC recommend intermediate fasting.  This requires some organising and a big change in your routine.  There is a much easier, more effective way to fast, you can do it every day and it’s a very pleasant way of eating breakfast.  It’s from the “food combining” diet.  Simply have just fruit for breakfast.  Whatever fruit you fancy but don’t mix it with anything else.  So no strawberries and cream for example.  Just strawberries.

Fruit is digested in about 20 minutes.  It goes straight through your stomach and is rapidly digested in the small intestine.  So there is no burden on the liver and kidneys which can continue their job of cleaning house, unhindered by digestion. This adds another 4 or 6 hours to the 10 or so hours of fasting since your last meal of the day before.  Don’t eat fruit with lunch or dinner though.  But you can have fruit as a snack between meals if you want.


This is your “food combing” carbohydrate lunch. Try to have it around noon.

You don’t feel like cooking or preparing one of my Seignalet legal meals?  No sweat.  Simply open a supermarket bag of salad leaves into a big bowl.  Open and cut up an avocado, chop it up (cut out any brown bits) and add them to the salad. If you are feeling motivated you can add some cucumber or tomato and maybe some olives. (Make sure you cut out the seeds of the tomatoes which contain leptins which damage the lining of the gut).

In a small bowl, per person,  add one large teaspoonful of Dijon or French mustard, a little sea salt or rock salt (I prefer a few shakes of Thai fish sauce), one tablespoonful of apple cider vinager, 2 tablespoonfuls of extra virgin olive oil (use a vacuum wine saver stopper and pump to keep the olive oil fresh), then whisk it up with a fork and stir it into your salad.  I recommend adding some yeast flakes to the salad.

Buy some all year round grass fed butter,  (in the UK this means New Zealand butter) and spread it on rice cakes.  (The rice cakes and butter will be eliminated once we start the Seignalet diet proper.)

Make 3 days supply of “dashi” and have some miso soup at the end of the meal. (Miso soup is an appetite suppressant so only have it a the end of the meal.


Have this around 5 pm.

This is your food combining protein meal.  Same routine with the bag of salad, avocado,  French dressing and miso soup at the end of the meal.  This time,  instead of rice cakes you can add a soft boiled (5 minutes) egg, or some nuts or some sort of dried beef, (jerky or Bresaula), Italian or Spanish dried ham or saucisson etc.  You can have the egg salad 3 times a week. Egg is a wonderful protein food with a near perfect amino profile.


Grape seed extract.  One capsule when you wake up.  One before going to bed.

Vitamin d. 10,000 i.u’s.  Split the dose and have with your meals. If you are influenced by the medical propaganda to think this is a toxic dose,  well it isn’t.  It’s a safe dose and it will make you feel much better.  If you don’t currently take a vitamin d supplement,  take 60,000 i.u.s per day for 3 days running.  Get a simple, cheap, online fingerprick test.  You should aim for a serum vitamin d level of 100 ng/ml (highly sufficient).

Magnesium chloride hexahydrate.

Put 2 large tablespoonfuls in a jar of water.  Take a sip each morning.

Vitamin c

Click on the heading above then scroll right down to the heading “How to take vitamin c safely”.   The FCCL recommends 3 x 500 mg per day and  25 grams intravenous once a week. Good luck with finding someone who will give you an vitamin c I.V in the UK.  In the US or Canada you might be able to  find a naturopathic physician.

But you don’t need a physician to give you an IV because I tell you how to take 20 grams a day of vitamin c safely by the oral route at home.  Not a doctor in sight.  Just click on the heading/link above.  Ignore the rubbish medical propaganda about kidney stones (spouted also by the FCCL unfortunately). It’s so unlikely that it’s really a myth to keep you from finding out about the most powerful natural therapy there is and keep you addicted to their toxic drugs. Read my page on vitamin c to see what real vitamin c expert Dr. Thomas Levy says.  He has part ownership in the Riordan clinic which has given thousands of vitamin c IV’s.

If you are worried about kidney stones take a potassium citrate tablet every day. The South American herb Chanca Piedra (stone breaker) is also a very effective treatment for kidney stones.

From:The Healing Nutrients within page 110

In our clinic, we have used a combination of magnesium (500 to 1,000 mg, pyroxidine (100 mg), potassium citrate (75 mg),N-acetyl-cysteine (1 g) and fiber (bran) as a daily program to effectively treat kidney stones. Hundreds of people have been treated with this approach, which is both therapeutic and a preventative against recurrences. Using this protocol, recurrences are extremely rare.

The high dose of vitamin c is needed to repair the damage to the lining of your blood vessels and blood/brain barrier caused by the vaccine spike protein (read the page on vitamin c carefully).


Powerful, cheap, safe, over the counter supplement that dissolves bloody blood clots.  No drug comes close for safety or effectiveness.  Why is this not in the FCCL protocol? Are they really on our side?

Fish oil or Cod liver oil

1 tablespoonful a day.


4 grams ( a heaped teaspoonful) in a little water.

In this introductory phase, I’ve tried to keep it simple. There are other supplements you should be taking but see the full protocol for those when you feel energetic and motivated enough to do it. In the meantime,  taurine is essential because we need your gall bladder to be working properly and it needs taurine to make bile to detoxify your liver.   Many (all?) people with chronic conditions have defective gall bladders and cannot make bile.  Particularly MS sufferers.

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