Celery root with garlic mayonnaise

Celery root with garlic mayonnaise

Fancy French name: “Remoulade”

As well as being Seignalet (pronounce it “Saynaylay” legal), I also try to follow principles of an earlier therapeutic diet: Food Combining.  With food combining, you have just fruit for breakfast (replaced by my juice/amino recipe) in the protocol) and concentrated protein and concentrated carbohydrates should not be mixed in the same meal. Seignalet said that as we are all sedentary now we only need to eat animal protein once a day.  So that ties in nicely with the Seignalet diet.

So the celeriac remoulade should be classed as a “carbohydrate meal:”

Other principles of Food Combining:  fruit should never be eaten with a meal but eaten separately.  You should not mix types of protein in a meal.  ie,  fish and meat, or meat and cheese, or nuts and meat or fish or cheese.  You get the idea. (On the Seignalet diet we don’t eat cheese of course)   So you will see in my steak tartare video for example that I leave out the customary egg yolk.  I think the steak tartare is perfectly delicious without it.

I slip up sometimes.  For example, I’ve followed Jean-Marie Ozanne’s veal and walnut recipe pretty closely.  I made veal tartare instead of carpaccio and I added some finely diced celery which also goes well with walnuts for a bit of crunch.  It’s so delicious that I think just for once we can break the law!

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