Recipe no. 18. Salmon and friends remoulade

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Recipe no. 18. Salmon and friends remoulade

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If the thought of eating raw fish makes you gag, try “cooking” it with lemon or lime juice. This recipe, like all my fish recipes is  a variation on a South American, originally  Inca recipe from Peru.

If you buy the fish frozen and then thaw it, any potential parasites will have been eliminated.  If you buy it “fresh” from a fish monger or the fish department in a supermarket, make sure you put it in your home freezer for 10 days at least to kill any parasites that may be lurking.  Frozen fish is usually FOB which means Frozen On Board.  In other words blast frozen at minus 60 degrees centigrade straight after the catch.  So it’s really much fresher than so called fresh fish.

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