Recipe no. 6. Tartare of cod ceviche in white wine and dill

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Recipe no. 6. Tartare of cod ceviche in white wine and dill

We want to eat mainly raw on the Seignalet (pronounce it “Saynyalay”) diet. The exception would be egg because raw egg white cannot be digested. So Dr. Seignalet’s solution was to make very soft boiled eggs with the yolk still a bit runny. Boil for 5 minutes exactly. Egg is the best source of protein there is.

Fish is very palatable when “cooked” raw in lemon or lime juice. I made this recipe for myself yesterday and what looked like a fairly reasonable size of frozen cod fillet ends up with being not very much to it when thawed. So in future I will use 2 frozen cod fillets per portion. Not only is fish ceviche very palatable, to me it tastes much better than cooked fish and of course it’s much more natural and better for you. The proteins have not been denatured by cooking and there are even healthful enzymes and vitamins which are destroyed by cooking. Just make sure to buy it frozen or keep it in your home freezer for at least 10 days to kill any potential parasites. Frozen bought fish are usually FOB – frozen on board. Which means they are blast frozen at minus 60 degrees centigrade soon after being caught. You can’t get much fresher than that!

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