Recipe no. 15 Tartare of Chicken Breast

Healing Recipes

Recipe no. 15 Tartare of Chicken Breast

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Please excuse the out of sync upload. 13 and 14 will be uploaded tomorrow and the day after.

The recipes are Seignalet (pronounce it “Saynyalay”) diet legal. They are designed to heal your gut and be easily digested. Milk products, modern hybradized grain flours, cooking at high temperatures all produce molecules that our digestive system has not evolved to digest. We do not have digestive enzymes to digest these strange molecules. This leads to a putrefactive digestion instead of what should be a macerative digestion. The cells lining the gut wall become damaged and let these dangerous molecules into our blood circulation and from there into our cells and the spaces between cells. Result: any one of 91 chronic diseases and cronic low energy. These recipes will allow your gut to heal and the disease(s) will be reverse.

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