23 Jun, 2023

Dianne Spaulding

First Dose of AstraZeneca lot number MT0055 on 04/23/2021

Second Dose of on

Third Dose of on

ON, Canada

57Yrs old

Q : Have you had covid?

yes, Had covid twice after vaccine

Q : Do you consider yourself severely injured by the jab?

yes, Tremors in head, legs and right hand. Internal vibrations, POTs, disassociation in head (brain fog) blurry vision, bruising and petechiae, light and noise sensitivity extreme fatigue. Spent 2 months in bed

Q : Before the jab did you have an existing condition which required medication?

yes, Asthma Allergies

Q : I am consulting a naturopathic or orthomolecular physician or ayurvedic or homeopathic doctor.


Q : I will log in and update this page with my progress from time to time.


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